The smart Trick of example That No One is Discussing

An example from the word "example" is usually a sofa with a regular fabric, Despite the fact that numerous fabrics are available as solutions.

The use of algorithms in policing is a person example of their increasing affect on our life. And, as their ubiquity spreads, so way too does the debate all over no matter if we should make it possible for ourselves to become so reliant on them – and who, if everyone, is policing their use.

An example on the term "example" is a troubled movie star getting a more time jail expression because a lot more news coverage encourages more people to stay outside of difficulties.

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Something which serves being a pattern of behaviour to be imitated (a good example) or never to be imitated (a foul example).

four. an instance illustrating a rule or technique, being a mathematical dilemma proposed for Answer. five. an instance, especially of punishment, serving to be a warning to Some others: Public executions were being meant to generally be examples into the populace.

Examples Term Origin See much more synonyms on noun 1. considered one of several points, or a Portion of something, taken to indicate the character of The full: This portray is surely an example of his early perform.

Something which serves as being a sample of conduct to get imitated (a superb example) or not to be imitated (a foul example).

These rarities may very well be new mutations, or they may be existing kinds that happen to be neutral—or are even chosen against—inside of a wild populace. A great example is mutations that disrupt seed dispersal, leaving the seeds on the heads extended after they are ripe.

1. Example, sample, specimen seek advice from somebody phenomenon taken as agent of a type, or to an element consultant of The entire. Example is applied of the item, affliction, etcetera., that's assumed For instance a certain principle or standard: a great example of baroque architecture. Sample refers to a small percentage of a material or to an individual representative of a group or style that is meant to indicate what the remainder of the compound or perhaps the group is like: a sample of yarn.

Now these things were our examples, towards the intent that we shouldn't lust immediately after evil issues, as Additionally they lusted.

3. an occasion serving for illustration; specimen: The case histories gave diligently thorough examples of the condition.

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